Who We Are

Wedding & Events Studio + Boutique Flower Farm

About Us

Having come from a large family I wanted to have a space to accommodate our large family gatherings. and celebrations. We purchased our property on 2.5 acres from a family friend and over the years, and as time and funds permitted, we began to clear out old debris, dry rot roots, and create a space that took advantage of the property's majestic views.


When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, weddings, family gatherings, celebrations were all halted.  It saddened me that many were not able to celebrate special occasions with their loved ones, so we made some changes to our plans, and created an open outdoor space, Where Two Or More could Gather to Create, Connect, and Celebrate life's many blessings with those most dearest and nearest to their hearts. 


As we begin to plant and grow flowers, we hoped they thrive in our mediterrian-style climate, but I quickly realized that Flower Farming was NOT for the weak at heart!  We were blessed to meet local flower farmers @RedHouseFlowers and @BandyRanchFloral who have generously shared their knowledge and expertise with us.  We pray that one day, we'll have our own Boutique Flower Farm to surround our landscape for our future generations to enjoy.


My prayer is always that God be in the midst of ALL that I do, and that his Blessings and LOVE envelop EVERYONE and every inch of Where Two or More Gather.


Adela Barrera-Giessen

Owner & Founder

Where Two Or More Gather

Our Approach

Our goal is provide an outdoor space that provides a blank canvas that  overlooks the beautiful San Pasqual Valley, north San Diego California that serves as the perfect backdrop to Create, Connect & Celebrate God's many blessings and special occasions. 

We provide most essential elements and have partnered with local artists and wedding industry leaders to help you design your wedding that is reflective of your unique personalities, style and love for one another.

We invite you to join us at our next Wedding Market, meet face-to-face with artists and wedding leaders for a unique wedding planning and shopping experience.

Follow our build progress on social media, or contact us for a private tour of our space.