Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are a small family owned business and we strive to be intentional when building relationships with like-minded artists and wedding & event vendors who embody our values and communicate who we are to our guests.  Our goal is to create a network of diverse and inclusive partners who will share their talents and expertise, offering guests the creative freedom and flexibility to design their Dream Wedding Experience that looks and feels like them.  

On-Site Studio Coordinator

We strive to partner with the best wedding vendors to help make sure you have the best team possible for your special day. Our on-site Studio & Events Coordinator will spend all the time necessary to connect you with artists and vendors to solidify your vision and create a plan to make your vision a reality. They are hands on from date of booking to day of check out and will do their best to jump in on your big day to smooth out problems before you or your guests even realize a problem exists.they will connect you with artists and industry professionals that will work within your budget and keep your style and personality in mind.

Our artists & vendors also support our non-profit W2OMG, Inc., efforts.  On non-profit provide free birthday parties, Celebration of milestone achievements, Creative workshops, and participate in our fundraising efforts that help sex trafficked teen victims an abuse survivors living in local safe houses in California. Some partner artists also provide internships, offering young adult survivors instruction and hands on experience to help them pursue their own career and business aspirations within their own artistic space.

If you're interested in becoming a Studio partner artists, or vendor, Please fill out the Vendor Application and  let's schedule a time to chat.

Meet Our Artists & Vendors

While varying artists and vendors can design a wedding to fit most styles, we are focussed on building a network of artists and vendors to choose from who already do what couples love.  If you already have a favorite artists or vendor, we'd love to connect with them and add them to our network of artists. 

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