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Boutique Flower Farm & Gift Shop

Welcome to our NEW Boutique Flower Farm located in north San Diego's San Pasqual Valley, in Escondido, California.  Covering our hillsides with vibrant color flowers that thrive in our San Diego warm climate, are drought tolerant, and can be enjoyed by the community and passerby's all year long.

Flower Power

Creative Flower Workshops & Retreats

Opening early 2024— We sill be open to the public and invite you to visit and embrace nature's beauty with our sustainably grown cut flowers in eco-friendly pots, ensuring a seamless transition to your garden.


Elevate your special day with bespoke raised flower beds for DIY wedding blooms.

Dive into creativity at our workshops, crafting personalized flowering tea balls, and explore our aromatic fresh herb selection for culinary delights. Unfold the petals of our unique flower gifts.
flowering tea ball
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