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Vow Renewal Ceremony


11 November, 2023 

11 am - 7 pm


Where 2 Or More Gather
1538 Quail Ridge Rd., Escondido,  Ca. 92027


Their Love Story began when she was just 19 and he was 24, two souls on separate journeys during thier college years.  For the better part of two years, they moved in parallel, not uttering a word to each other, until a fateful day in February.   On that day Vanessa decided to take a leap of faith and change the course of their lives.  She handed Joe her phone number, not to flirt, but to ask for assistance with schoolwork, "LoL".  Little did she know that this simple exchange would alter the trajectory of everything.

From that Moment, their connection intensified at an astonishing pace, like a force of nature that could not be denied.  By November they took the profound step of uniting their lives in marriage, forever sealing the destiny that began with that single exchange.  Their journey was far from typical, each of them bringing a precious child into this new chapter in thier lives.  With a shared sense of purpose, they embarked on a journey of blended family life.  they knew the changes that lay ahead, having faced them themselves, they were determined to help others facing similar hurdles.

Their union wasn't just about building a life together; it was about building a ministry and walking in Gods calling for thier lives.  They felt a calling to support those navigating the complexities of blended families to be a guiding light for them in times of darkness.  

Life took an unexpected turn when Vanessa battled a life-threatening health issue for four long years.  Through it all, Joe stood unwaveringly by her side.  demonstrating a level of commitment that words can't fully capture.  

"He's not just my husband, he's my best friend, my confidant, the one I can't imagine taking a step without."

The trials they faced illuminated a profound truth:  life is too short to not make a difference.  So, they founded a non-profit organization with a mission close to thier hearts. T hey are devoted to helping homeless young ladies, 18-25, who are grappling with the horrors of human trafficking, drug addition, rejection, or the painful fallout of foster care.  These brave souls, often discarded by society, have become our focus.  

Their work centers around teaching these young ladies that love is not a transaction;

its a a force that exists and it is available to all.  Thought their efforts, they hope to spread the message that love is a powerful force, capable of transforming lives and offering hope to those who need it the most.  



In lieu of gifts we ask that help support the Grace, Family Luv Organization, as they continue to Help Families and Communities Heal, one person at a time".  Thank you for your support!

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